Broke Straight Diesal and Braden Get $600 Each For The Scene Beeing Gay4pay

Today at Broke Straight Boys, we have a real treat; Braden and Diesal in an oral scene. Although they have been appearing on BSB for a while, they haven’t been in a scene together as of yet.

Straight Guys Shaking the Sausage

As the boys are tops, neither is interested in bottoming so they are going to suck each other’s cocks. I told them they would get $600 each for the scene, Braden and Diesal were happy with that amount. As they both know the routine, they stood up and started stripping off.

broke straight gay4pay
broke straight gay4pay

Braden and Diesal sat back down on the futon, still clad in their underwear; plaid boxers for Diesal and white shorts for Braden. Both boys had a hand down the front of their undies almost instantly, putting in some hard wrist action as they watched the straight porn playing.

Straight Guys Shaking Hands with Yul Brenner

I teased Diesal a bit, telling him that he and Braden shared similar qualities and that he would find out in time. However, when they stood up, took off their underwear and threw them on the floor, it was glaringly obvious what they both had in common; big cocks. Their cocks were so close in size, I couldn’t help but joke that they had the same mother even as both of them laughed.

Sitting back down, Diesal nominated Braden to suck dick first and after a moment of complaining, Braden leaned over and introduced Diesal’s cock to his wet mouth. Braden wrapped a tight fist around Gigantor, sucking on just the head of the cock as Diesal sat back and relaxed into it. Getting harder by the minute, Diesal gently thrust his hips up and down, fucking Braden’s hand. After only a few minutes of work, Braden decided that Diesal was hard enough and it was his turn to get a blowjob.

Straight Guys Shaking Hands With Little Elvis

However, I quickly told him to open his mouth and keep sucking. Back down he went, swallowing the huge cock once more, his head bobbing up and down until Braden pulled off again, complaining that his jaw was sore from all his work, all the while, Diesal just laughed.

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